Talking wedding what-ifs


At the Bridal Show Southwest over Saturday and Sunday (April 16th & 17th), I shared a stall with Kelly’s Sweet Treats and in between talking to brides to be and checking out the other suppliers, we swapped (good and bad) wedding stories and naturally, some cautionary tales cropped up.

As some Hollywood wit once said, ‘Buying insurance is no-one’s idea of fun’ and in the romantic roller-coaster run up to the wedding day, insurance is often the last thing on the list. It’s human nature to think ‘it won’t happen to me’, but judging from our chats, wedding insurance looks like a good idea.

There was the friend of a friend whose cousin was all set to marry, she’d known her intended since they were at school, he’d trained as an accountant, she had her own business, their new home was lined up, their life together all set, then she went on a training course three weeks before the wedding, was swept off her feet by a tall, dark stranger, decided he was ‘the one’, and called it all off. For her family, for their finances, all hell broke loose.

Admittedly, that is a ‘worst case’ scenario, but on a lesser scale, as we discussed, accidents happen, and for those of us who work as suppliers to brides-to-be, we know, if it can happen, it will happen, to someone, somewhere. So whenever I’m asked (and although I’m a florist, as I get to know the couple over the run-up to the ceremony, I get asked for advice on all sorts of things) I tend to say this: it really is wise to take out wedding insurance to protect your special day.

Here are some things to think about. What if:

  • accident, sickness or death means a supplier lets you down and you have to cancel or rearrange?
  • your wedding cake gets damaged?
  • your outfit is damaged?
  • your flowers are damaged?

For any bride, these potential disasters would be top of the list, but there’s also public liability to think about, or perhaps you’re having a marquee, or some unusual transport, or ceremonial swords…

As suppliers, we do our very best to make sure everything runs right, but the unforeseen does sometimes happen and my friend and I concluded, it’s best to insure against it.

(P.s. That lovely picture of the four ranunculus stems was taken by Emma Jane Lee Photography at the Ta Mill wedding open day back in March, lovely colours, just had to post it. Thanks, Emma.)