A rose by any other name

flowers for any occasion

I have been asked many times about the name of my business and why I chose Floral Creations. The reason I chose Floral is because it relates to all flowers, Creations because I love to use flowers to create and make bespoke, unique and personal designs depending on the occasion. The St Austell part was added when I joined the British Floristry Association (BFA).

Whether the designs are for weddings, funerals, birthdays, or a simple ‘Thank You’ token, I create floral arrangements to suit the personality of the customer and because everybody sees styles, colours and fashions slightly differently, I always prefer to have a face to face consultation.

I need to know what my customers mean by ‘shabby chic’ or ‘distressed’. There’s a fine line between a ‘rustic’ style and materials which are ‘naturally rough’. Will the event be ‘classic’, ‘vintage’, ‘on trend’, modern, or ‘contemporary’? I am passionate about both flowers and designs and understanding what the customer is looking for is the first step to a happy result.

For this reason, I do not offer packages but work towards making a bespoke design to suit the customer through a consultation. Of course, this isn’t possible with 100% of customers, but we can always communicate through email, Skype or ‘face time’.

Most brides to be (b2b) love to use Pinterest to gather their ideas together, Googling themes, pinning pretty pictures and collecting the colours they love. If a bride has a Pinterest page, it’s a great starting point – I use it myself – but my experience tells me I have to add a tiny note of caution here: Pinterest definitely reflects a rose-tinted universe! Some of the best bridal pins are unusual, and unusual can mean ‘hard to get hold of’ and, like any rare commodity, this can mean expensive, especially as I work with premium flowers to ensure freshness and quality. But on your special day, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

So my advice to all b2b’s out there, to avoid disappointment with Pinterest ideas, is this: let’s take your pins and clippings as a starting point, your budget as a guideline, and work together during the consultation to make a the foundations of a lovely event take shape.

There are always beautiful flowers to suit every budget – it’s one of the joys of my job knowing how to find lots of alternatives and ‘pin’ them together in artful ways. This is exactly how my experience and expertise filters through in making bespoke and unique designs.

P.s. Back in May I was part of team in a photo shoot where I made bespoke shoes, and bracelets. Sending a big thank you to Enchanted Brides for all their hard work after the shoot. An article has just been released and published in Rock My Wedding magazine.