cycle of life

floral tributeAugust started with Friendship Day (August 2nd), an idea originally popularised in the U.S from 1930 onwards, but one which has gained more international appeal over time.

Traditionally, the yellow rose is the symbol of friendship and means in the language of flowers, among other things, ‘joy’, ‘friendship’ and ‘delight’ so cards and gifts to friends often feature this bloom. Whilst I wouldn’t say that gift-giving and card exchanges are particularly common on August 2nd in the U.K, yellow roses are certainly a popular choice to express these sentiments all year round.

Customers often ask me to include yellow roses as part of a casual floral gift for a friend, whether the occasion be popping in on a sister, visiting friends during the holidays, or attending a baby shower for a close colleague. Similarly, at civic ceremonies for the government twinning scheme, set up to encourage good trade relations and international friendships (for example my home town of St Austell is in the borough of Restormel, which is twinned with Dithmarschen, a district in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany) it is customary to see yellow roses among flowers given to a visiting dignitary.

It is said that “True friendship is like fine health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost” which is as apt, of course, for other forms of loss. This idea is not one we would wish to dwell on in happy times, but just as florists and floral designers are on hand to help mark weddings and naming-days with flowers, so we are also called on to create fitting tributes for the more sombre and sad moments at the other end of the cycle of life.

I am always honoured to be part of those ceremonies where loved ones say goodbye to a dear departed relative or friend. Floral Creations St Austell takes particular pride in the challenge of creating a design which reflects the person and celebrates the life lived.

For those of you who may be interested, there is a selection of recent funeral work over on my gallery page.