Sleepless summer nights

ehdgWhen important events happen as they should, the guests turn up at the allotted time, events proceed with due ceremony, and everyone from principal players to minor cast, enjoys the lovely food, admires the flowers, joins in with socialising, and feels a part of the occasion.

For those of us in the events industry however, as you can imagine, much more nailbiting and drama goes on behind the scenes and this month, the general bugbear for florists and floral designers across the land has been the problems at the Channel Tunnel.

In my business, it is important to offer variety and choice, and although I source many of my flowers with local growers, some customers want special orders out of season. Similarly, I offer sustainable materials, but feel it is also part of my work to be able to include elements grown outside the U.K. In short, I also rely on imports from Holland, Belgium and France.

So, with a big wedding coming up, and all the reports on the news, you can imagine how many sleepless nights I’ve had worrying about large orders not arriving in time, bespoke blooms sitting spoiling in a lorry refrigerator, trapped on the hard shoulder, and what a headache and organisational hassle finding a last minute alternative can be. For brides, the colours, the varieties, all the details, of their floral choices have been much discussed and carefully planned. 

Fortunately, I have my ways and means, and my plan B’s. In spite of the Channel Tunnel problems everything has worked out fine (so far!) this summer. And I was lucky in the timing of one wedding in particular during the worst of the disruption. Kyle and Hazel’s nuptials in mid-July were based on a country ‘picked from the hedgerow’ theme. Phew! Depending as it did on a choice of local varieties, that was one event which helped me get a few good night’s sleeps that week!