Plant Materials


Flowers are my first love, but my recent travels (a holiday trip of a lifetime) have given me fresh inspiration for the sheer range and variety of stunning foliage, mosses, ferns, variegated leaves, ornamental grasses, herbs, and evergreens, we can include to give structure and impact to floral design.

Blue skies in Dubai

Perhaps it used to be the case that plant materials were underrated, typically they formed the base of an arrangement, the canvas on which the flowers were the paint, but contemporary floristry has evolved. Nowadays, plant materials are just as likely to be the focus of the piece. There are so many interesting shapefrom nature, from seed pods to plant roots seen in floral work now. They are popular across the board, whether creating a dramatic key note in award-winning floral creations or adding an odd, exotic shape to the window of the high-street flower shop.

The contrast between dark waxy monstera leaves, for example, and the curly fronds of a fiddle-head fern, leave us stunned by nature’s bounty. Certainly, no florist worth their salt today would be without knowledge of or access to an all year-round range of stunning plant materials in the making of stand-out floral designs.